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The Service London Business Website is the City of London's online resource for starting a business.  Click on Plan, Launch, or Grow to review business development process steps, create a personal checklist to help keep you on track, and connect with pertinent resource providers.


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Effective planning is key to the success of any business and there are no bad questions when it comes to doing your initial research.  In the Plan section we highlight basic considerations for business planning.  Create your personalized checklist to help you keep on track in this early stage.

You've created the plan, talked to the experts, and now you're ready to launch! Congratulations; you're doing something that many dream of but few actually take on.  Launch includes several important pre-launch questions you should be asking yourself.  Create your personalized checklist to help the business get off the ground.

Your business is a success, and now you're thinking of expanding your existing building, opening another location, hiring more employees, or simply sustaining that good thing you've built over the years.  Get ideas and find links to help Grow and expand, and create your personalized checklist to help stay organized.